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Video Conferencing vs. Webinar Platforms: Key Differences & Use Cases

This post will explore the distinctions between popular video conferencing tools like Zoom and dedicated webinar platforms like streamGo.

The Art of Seamless Branding in Online Events

Transforming a standard online event into a seamless extension of your company's identity is more important than ever.

Boost Webinar Engagement with Native Language Support

The ability to communicate effectively with a diverse audience has never been more critical and webinars are no exception.

How Automated CPD/CPE Certification is Transforming Professional Development

The significance of Continuing Professional Development (CPD/CPE) cannot be overstated

Embracing AI in 2024 for Superior Online Events

Building on the foundations set in 2023, we're witnessing AI's leap from theoretical concepts to practical, groundbreaking applications.

The Future of Webinars: Trends and Technologies to Watch

Webinars have become an integral part of the digital landscape, connecting people from all corners…

[Internal Comms] 6 Ways to Measure the Success of Your Company's Virtual Event

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How To Host A Successful Webinar

Everything you need to plan, create and host a webinar your audience will love...

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How To Choose A Webinar Provider

9 questions you need to ask when choosing a webinar provider.

How To Make Your Internal Comms More Carbon Neutral

Read this article to learn how to make your internal comms more carbon neutral.

10 Free Tools To Plan, Create and Promote Your Webinar

A list of the best tools to help plan, create and promote your webinar.

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5 Steps To Boost Your Webinar Registration Numbers

A selection of useful tips to help you boost your webinar registration numbers.

How To Use HubSpot To Generate More Leads From Your Webinars

How to use HubSpot’s marketing features to boost your webinar's performance.

Learn how to distinguish between webinars and webcasts.

Learn how to distinguish between webinars and webcasts.