A feature-rich platform to help you attract, engage & nurture your audience.

The streamGo platform is constantly evolving with new and exciting features released regularly, here's just a few of them.


Easily collect and manage questions from the audience before, during and after your event.

Network Matchmaking

Create connections between attendees in seconds with our AI matchmaking chat app.

Searchable Video

Our on-demands allow viewers to search by keywords and jump to relevant parts of the video.

Live Chat & Rooms

Chat directly with attendees or other speakers. Create chat rooms for relevant topics.

Scheduled Polls

Get instant responses from your attendees and measure results, even in your on-demand events.

Survey / Feedback Forms

Get reportable feedback from your attendees throughout your event.

Treasure Hunts

Encourage attendees to explore all areas of your event by running treasure hunts.

Downloadable Resources

Add value with handouts, eBooks, slides and more. Easily track who downloads them.

Social sharing links

Improve brand/event awareness with social sharing available on all pages.

Instant Insight

Detailed reporting on registrations, attendees, engagement, clicks, questions and more.

Personalised Agendas

Attendees can create their own custom agenda to make sure they don’t miss their favourite sessions.

Audience Reactions

People can ‘react’ to your event sessions in real-time using social media-style icons.

Single Session Webinars

Choose from a range of layouts for single and multiple webcam presenters.

Automated On-demands

Your live sessions will be automatically encoded and available for viewing after the event.

On-demand Encoding

Upload your media and we'll take care of the rest, including captions and thumbnails.

Multi-Language Live Captions

Your live event can be captioned automatically to any language you need, in real-time.

Automated CPD/CPE

Create your own bespoke criteria across your event and automatically generate certificates.

Tickets & Payments

Charge a single fee for your event or have multiple ticket options with different access.

QR Code Check-in

Generate unique QR codes for registration emails and track physical attendance.

Use Any Domain

Host the event on your own domain to maintain your brand image.


Users can register for your streamGo event in a single click from their email invite.


Promote future/past events in your registration pages and allow users to register for them.

Use Any Form

If it makes life easier use your own forms and we’ll still provide engagement data.

Custom Code Embed

Add tracking code to your event for analytics, ads, social media, marketing automation and more.

Automated Emails

Branded, automated and targeted confirmation, reminder and post-event emails with tracking.


Integrate your event with HubSpot, Salesforce, Marketo, Zapier and more.

Onboarding & Support

Our team will guide you through the platform and support you with any queries you may have.

Online Knowledge Base

Articles and walkthrough videos that cover all you need to know. Available 24/7.

Attendee Support

Automated support via chatbot for the most common attendee issues.

Branded Templates

Apply your logo, colours, custom font and images to our ready-to-go templates.

Custom Event Pages

Match your website design or create a unique style for your event.

Pre-record + Live

The engagement of live hosting with the convenience of pre-recorded content.

Multi-Track Events

Run simultaneous conference streams with full support for each track.

Scheduled Streaming

Perfect delivery guaranteed with pre-recorded content broadcast as if it’s live.

Sponsor Booths

Dedicated sponsor landing pages to capture leads and provide content.

Sponsor Matchmaking

Give your sponsors warm leads by matching them with the right attendees.

Live Sponsor Chat

Connect directly with interested attendees while they are viewing the sponsor page.

Sponsor Branding

Make sure your sponsors branding doesn't go unnoticed by attendees.

Sponsor Ads

Increase sponsor visibility with video ads before, during and after your keynote sessions.

Sponsor Data

Highlight key content topics, referral channels and more to give sponsors real insight.

Multilingual Templates

Create your event in the language of your choice, our templates support multiple languages.


Challenge your attendees to compete and engage more with your event to win prizes.

Magic Links

Your attendees can access your event from emails with a single click, authenticating them instantly.

RTMP Streaming

Have an AV team for your physical event or prefer to use your own streaming software? No problem!

Breakout Rooms

Host small group sessions such as workshops or roundtables to focus on specific subjects.

Presenter Bios

Let your audience know about your speakers with tools for headshots, biographies and more.

Video Chapters

Specify important points in your on-demand videos for users to jump to.

Presenter Chat

Presenters can chat and communicate privately at any time during the event.

Playlist Management

Switch to video or slides/webcam at any point during your live stream.

Live Output

View exactly what your audience is seeing with the live output player.

Stream Layouts

Choose from a range of different stream layouts for slides and single/multiple webcams.

Slide Navigation

Upload your slides and allow speakers to control their own flow.

Screen Sharing

Your speakers can share their screen directly on the stream if they prefer.

Stream Branding

Customise your stream with logos, background images, colours and nameplates.

Feature Moderation

Moderate features such as Q&A's, polls and alerts right inside the presenter studio.

Automated Tech Checks

Ensure your speakers will be able to present effectively with our automated tech checks.

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