Engage Attendees With Breakouts & Roundtables

Breakouts and roundtable meetings are available across all plans – directly within the event experience. No external links, app or meeting tools needed.

No apps. No Downloads

Our roundtables works on any modern web browser (desktop or mobile). No software download required.

Upto 600 Attendees

Roundtable meetings can accommodate upto 20 attendees per table and upto 30 tables.

Not Just A Video Call

Our roundtables support screenshare, chat and raise hand to help attendees make the most of the session.

streamGo Roundtable

Fully featured roundtable meetings without leaving the event

Our roundtables stay branded within your virtual event experience meaning attendees can be moved back to other sessions and don’t get lost causing attrition in your events.

  • Your event brand is featured across the roundtable session
  • Countdown clock showing attendees how long is left in the session
  • Automatic redirect to the next session (or a customised page) when the session ends

Allocated or Dynamic it's your choice

Our roundtables allow a choice of options allowing event organisers to decide the best way to deploy the feature.

You can pre-allocate attendees to tables or allow attendees the choice of which table to join.

  • Auto-allocation to a designated number of attendees and tables
  • Dynamic tables allowing attendees to choose which table and seat they want to engage with.
streamGo Roundtable Setup
streamGo Dynamic Roundtables

Give your attendees the choice with Dynamic Roundtables

Our dynamic Roundtable feature allows you to setup a number of roundtables and a theme, discussion topic or sponsor per table.

Attendees can then see available seats at tables and take an empty seat. They can see who is on the table before taking an empty seat allowing them to network with like minded attendees or to foster relationships post event.

  • Upto 20 attendees per table and upto 30 tables per session
  • Have different tables for different ticket types
  • Attendees can see table occupancy and availability
  • Seats become free when an attendee leaves

Want Roundtables or Breakouts For Your Next Online Event?