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We get it. Sponsors are such an important part of your event and it’s vital they see real value and ROI. Otherwise, they might not come back again.

Did you know that you and your sponsors can see a much higher return at online or hybrid events compared to physical only events? An extended reach means your sponsors can target a larger audience, and you’re not restricted to a physical space with limited sponsor slots.

But your sponsor features need to be used in the right way to make it work.

Which is why we’re here.

Read on to learn all about the best features you can use to help you and your sponsors get those all important hot leads…

We all know that engagement is key to turning an attendee into a potential customer. And our fully branded, feature-packed sponsor booths are the perfect lead generation tool for your sponsors.

Our booths can house tonnes of great features like videos, live product demos, resource hubs, games and live chats. These make booths so much more interactive and keep attendees engaged with your sponsor’s content for much longer than they would at a physical stand.

And the data you and your sponsors will get from this is priceless. Since we’re able to track all interactions in our virtual event platform, your sponsors will be able to gauge what content is working well and which attendees are warm leads. This will allow them to focus more time and energy on attendees that are genuinely interested and make  much better use of their networking time.

Our sponsor booths can be bespoke to what you need, but here are some example features to get you thinking:

Sponsor Ads

Just like on YouTube, but for your events. We can add sponsor videos before, during or after your event sessions to provide additional exposure and advertising opportunities for your sponsors.

Sponsor Live Chat

Never let your sponsors miss a potential lead or prospect. Our live chat function allows your sponsors to chat directly with interested attendees as they visit sponsor pages.

Sponsor & Attendee Matchmaking

Our AI powered matchmaking app allows you to match the most interested attendees or your sponsor’s target market directly to your sponsors.

They’ll be able to start a chat conversation or book a video meeting or call straight from the event.

Sponsor Reports

How often can sponsors say they know exactly where attendees came from, what they looked at and what they were most interested in during events?

Our data rich reports can package all of this information up so you can provide your sponsors with accurate information on genuine leads and engaged attendees.

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More Sponsor Features

Book A Meeting

We’ve upgrading our book a meeting feature for sponsors. Attendees will be able to view a sponsor’s availability and book a meeting to chat with them directly during an event.

Dynamic Questions

Our recently launched dynamic questions feature allows attendees to upvote and reply to questions being asked in real time. This is ideal to help your sponsors understand which topics are most popular with your audience during things like Q&A sessions.

Sponsor Roundtables

Why not use our breakout rooms for a sponsor-led roundtable session? Your sponsor could start a discussion around a specific topic to scope out the most interested attendees, or even use it as a space to further promote their product or service.

Our new dynamic question feature would also work perfectly as part of a roundtable discussion to help sponsors understand what your audience are most interested in!

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