Expertly Streamed Webcasts To Connect Your Audience

Our webcasts are the perfect way to engage your audience with your most important stories.

What Makes streamGo Webcasts Different?

RTMP Streaming

We can support RTMP streaming straight from your studio, making life easier for your AV team.

Automatic Captions

Improve accessibility and support multiple languages with our real-time AI captions.

Fully Branded

Match your website design so it feels just like you or create a unique style for your webcast.

Live Analytics

Detailed reporting on registrations, attendees, engagement, clicks, questions and more.

Polls & Surveys

Get feedback, enrich attendee data and qualify leads. View all the data quickly and easily.

Live Chat & Rooms

Your audience can ask you questions during your event or connect with each other to ramp up enagement.


Integrate your webinar data with leading CRM, marketing automation, and audience interaction tools.

Secure Access

Our security is internationally recognised and validated, with regular audits & tests.

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Live Webcast

Engaging Live Streams With Exciting Features

Our platform houses so many features to engage and excite your audience, including:

  • Live chat and chat rooms
  • Dynamic questions & polls
  • Social media style reactions
  • Trackable resources
  • Live audience analytics

Automated On-Demands To Drive More Leads.

  • Your webcasts will automatically be available to watch on-demand.
  • All sessions include automated and accurate AI captions.
  • Generate FAQ's automatically from transcriptions using generative AI.

Your event data, exactly where you need it.

Get a deeper insight into your audience and track them easier than ever before with our powerful integrations...


Manage your sales, marketing and event data all in one place with our HubSpot integration. Easily deliver automated sales and marketing campaigns to your event audience without having to lift a finger.

HubSpot Integration

Automate your online event sales and marketing campaigns using our Salesforce integration. Manage everything in one place as we sync event data and attendee details to your Salesforce account.

Salesforce Integration

Automatically sync leads between streamGo and Marketo CRM along with attendance data for all of your events. Giving you deeper insight and targeting for your marketing campaigns.

Marketo Integration

If our standard integrations don't fit your needs, our Zapier integration can sync your event data with thousands of other apps.

Zapier Integration
Sarah Pickthall
"The team were really knowledgeable and able to provide the perfect solution for our conference requirement. I would definitely recommend streamGo as a company – it doesn’t get better than this."
Sarah Pickthall
Marketing Events Manager - JISC

Frequently asked questions

A webcast is a live stream of your event, meeting or conference.

Webcasts are a great way to engage your audience online. You can increase conference attendee numbers by streaming to a global audience or broadcast your business update across multiple sites using the most engaging content format; video.

Many different ways! Webcasts are filmed in a similar format to TV shows, usually with multiple cameras, and can be either recorded, edited and broadcast, or streamed live.

Absolutely! You’ll get access to live audience analytics so you can see who’s watching and interacting with your webcast in real time. But not just that – our analytics also include things like click stats and engagement scores across your event.

Interactive tools such as polls, chats and social media style reactions let your audience interact with the webcast presenter no matter where in the world they are. Viewers can also submit their questions to be answered live – all without that awkward hand-in-the-air moment. Our platform houses lots of engagement features – just ask our Event Specialists.

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