Engaging Internal Communications

Use live video streaming to deliver messages to your employees around the world and get insightful feedback.

The Same Message To Everyone

Update everyone with the same message at the same time, bringing your entire workforce together.

Live Feedback And Interaction

Gather real-time opinions, ideas and questions from your audience, wherever they are.

Save Travel Time And Costs

Your team can deliver updates across all sites without needing to travel anywhere.


Use live and on-demand webinars to make sure your employees receive crucial company updates, training or learn about new products. Slides support your message and engage your employees and they can ask live questions of the presenters without the awkward hand-raising moment that discourages many people.

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Deliver important updates such as quarterly and annual company performance reviews to everyone, no matter where they are. Webcasting for internal communications is the perfect way to engage employees with a consistent message from senior management.

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Interactive features

Interact With Your Team

The streamGo platform provides interactive features to help your team feel included in your communications. Our enterprise platform makes it easy for your team to ask questions, contribute ideas and participate in polls.

Presenters can run live, moderated online Q&A sessions with your staff, empowering them to ask questions without peer pressure, meaning everyone can interact. Presenters can even post “seed” questions at specific points during the presentation to get your team interacting.

Secure And Accessible

When you have to share sensitive information, we know security is a top priority. Our platform supports white and blacklisting by domain and IP at a moment’s notice, while our registration and pass-code control only allows users with granted permission access to your event.

Our platform also offers best-in-class accessibility, with no need for attendees to install software or use Flash to view the broadcast. Our team work closely with your network and ICT teams to provide a bespoke solution for all your geographical offices and sites, with individual streams configured for sites with low bandwidth. We can even stream to your internal teams right at their desks using your own network, and at the same time reducing bandwidth demand by over 90%.

People in a busy office
Branded Webinar Template

Fully Branded Platform

It’s important that your team feels united with your brand, particularly if they work remotely or are spread across multiple sites.

We’ll ensure any events look and feel just like you, helping your team to connect and engage with your brand. Our in-depth reporting features also let you keep track of who’s attending events and how engaged they are.

Comprehensive Support

It can be a challenge in itself to coordinate diaries and get your team in the right place, so it’s important that your webinar or webcast runs without technical problems or delays. Our team can support every step of your event’s setup, as well as being present on the day to prepare your presenters, manage technical delivery and fix problems in seconds.

Producing corporate communications for FTSE 100 companies means we appreciate the sensitivity and flexibility needed when working with the leaders of your business, which means you can relax that your communication is in safe hands.

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