Track Physical Event Attendance With QR Code Check-in

As organisations adapt by offering both physical and virtual options for their events, so do the platforms that they use. streamGo is thrilled to introduce QR code attendance tracking for hybrid and in-person events. This functionality not only simplifies the attendance tracking process but also bridges the gap further between physical and digital event experiences, ensuring a cohesive and integrated approach to event management.

Improving Hybrid Events with QR Code Technology

Hybrid events, which combine the best elements of in-person and virtual experiences, have become a staple in today's event industry. streamGo's new QR code check-in feature enhances these events by providing a unified system for monitoring attendance across both types of attendee. Here's how it benefits hybrid events:

Seamless Integration

QR codes can be easily integrated into event comms, providing a straightforward method for physical attendees to "check in". This integration ensures that event managers have a comprehensive view of their audience, enhancing engagement and interaction strategies.

Real-Time Data and Insights

With instant check-ins via QR codes, event managers gain access to real-time data on attendee participation. This information is invaluable for adjusting event dynamics on the fly, tailoring content to audience engagement, and making informed decisions to maximise the event's impact.

Transforming In-Person Events with Advanced Tracking

In-person events benefit immensely from QR code tracking, streamlining operations and enhancing the attendee experience. Here are the key advantages:

Efficient and Accurate Attendance Tracking

Gone are the days of manual check-ins and cumbersome attendance sheets. QR codes allow for a swift, contactless check-in process, reducing queues and wait times, thereby improving the overall attendee experience.

Eco-Friendly Solution

By adopting QR codes for attendance tracking, event organisers can significantly reduce the use of paper and other materials traditionally used for registration and check-in, aligning with sustainability goals.

Security and Safety

In today's world, ensuring the health and safety of event participants is paramount. QR code tracking enables efficient management of crowd sizes and adherence to venue capacity limits, facilitating a safer event environment.

streamGo's QR Code Check-in

streamGo's introduction of QR code tracking is more than just an enhancement to its platform; it's a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence in event management. This feature is designed to empower event managers with the tools they need to deliver outstanding events that resonate with attendees, whether they're joining in person or online.

Easy Implementation

Implementing streamGo's QR code tracking is straightforward, requiring minimal setup. Event managers can easily generate and distribute QR codes within the platform as part of the event registration process, ensuring a smooth integration into existing workflows.

Event Registration Email with QR code check-in for physical attendees

Comprehensive Analytics

In addition to streamGo's comprehensive event analytics, QR code check-ins can also be segmented to show a comparison of virtual and physical attendance at the session level. These analytics are crucial for measuring event success, understanding audience dynamics, and planning future events.


streamGo's new QR code check-in feature offers a plethora of benefits for hybrid and in-person events alike. By simplifying the check-in process, providing valuable insights, and enhancing the attendee experience, this feature underscores streamGo's position as a leader in innovative event solutions.

As the event industry continues to evolve, embracing technologies that foster efficiency, engagement, and safety is essential. streamGo's QR code tracking is more than a feature—it's a strategic tool that enables event managers to host successful, memorable, and impactful events in the digital age.

For event professionals looking to enhance their events and streamline their operations, exploring streamGo's platform and the new QR code tracking feature is a step towards future-proofing your event strategy. Join us in embracing this innovative approach to event attendance management and take your events to the next level!

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