Post-Event Analysis: Key Metrics to Measure Virtual Event Success

In the rapidly evolving world of virtual events, understanding the success of your event is pivotal. Post-event analysis helps organisers refine their strategies, ensuring future events resonate even more powerfully with audiences. But what are the key metrics to gauge this success? Let's dive into the indispensable measures every virtual event organiser should be tracking.

1. Attendee Participation:

Metric: Number of Registrations vs. Actual Attendees

Measuring the difference between those who registered and those who actually attended provides insights into the effectiveness of your promotional efforts and the appeal of your content.

Virtual event attendance reports

2. Engagement Levels:

Metric: Session Participation, Polling Responses, and Q&A Activity

High engagement is a hallmark of a successful virtual event. Monitoring how actively attendees participate in sessions, respond to polls, or engage in Q&As can offer a wealth of information. streamGo offers a unique score showing the level of engagement for your online event at both the event level and attendee level.

Virtual event engagement report

3. Content Consumption:

Metric: Average Viewing Time and Most Viewed Sessions

Understanding which sessions captivated your audience the most and the average time spent by attendees can guide content decisions for future events.

Virtual event content consumption stats

4. Networking and Interaction:

Metric: Number of Connections Made and Chat Interactions

For many, networking is a primary draw of events. Analysing the number of new connections made and the volume of chat interactions can reveal how conducive the platform was to networking.

Virtual Event Chat Report

5. Feedback and Satisfaction:

Metric: Post-Event Surveys and Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Gathering direct feedback from attendees through post-event surveys and measuring the NPS provides invaluable insights into overall satisfaction and areas that resonated or need enhancement.

Virtual Event Survey


The true success of a virtual event is revealed not just in numbers, but in the insights derived from these metrics. A thorough post-event analysis, focusing on these key metrics, ensures that every subsequent event is better tailored to audience needs, preferences, and expectations. streamGo's event reporting dashboard provides statistics, insight, data exports and real-time tracking for all of the above metrics and more. Including video search, geo-location, device usage, referrals and email tracking. 

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