Powerful Event Networking With chatGo

Event networking isn’t easy. You can spend so much of your time trying to connect the right people and still not see the results you were expecting. We wanted to change that.

And we wanted to make event networking easier and more effective than ever before.

That’s why we’re super excited to announce the launch of our brand new AI chat product, chatGo…

drum roll please

What is chatGo?

chatGo will get your attendees networking like never before. Our AI-powered networking tool will connect your attendees with their perfect matches instantly.

Have a very specific criteria for matching your ideal attendees? No problem.

Our matchmaking function can be based on anything you like; just give us your matchmaking questions and chatGo will do the rest.

Connections are listed in order of best-matched and users will be able to view their profile, send them a message or start a video chat instantly.

Someone chatting on an online eventWhy Use chatGo?

Save Your Time

Say goodbye to those awful long hours (and spreadsheets) spent manually matching up your attendees. chatGo’s AI will do all the hard work for you.

Higher Matchmaking Accuracy

chatGo’s matchmaking AI will match attendees based on whatever criteria you specify; whether that’s job title, industry or answers to specific questions.

Increase Networking Potential

Results are displayed in order of best-matched. Attendees can instantly start connecting with their matches via a text or video chat directly within the event.

Authentic Networking

No more forced networking. The magic of chatGo is that your users can choose who they chat with and it’s never been simpler for them to find their ideal matches.

Inspired for your next online event?

See the streamGo platform in action!