We're Making Our Week Shorter

100 years ago, we moved from working six-day weeks to five, and we think we’re overdue for an update. In 2022 we moved to a 4.5 day workweek at streamGo – with no changes to salary or benefits for our people. We plan to move to a 4 day workweek in the future.

Why did we do this?

COVID-19 made it clear we can find a better balance between work and life, and an incredible 85% of U.S. adults already approve of moving to a 4 day week. The positive impact on reducing stress levels, increasing productivity and boosting team engagement are all key drivers for our change.

A large New Zealand business, Perpetual Guardian, trialled a four-day workweek and found not only a 20% rise in productivity but a 7% decrease in stress levels.

What does this mean for streamGo clients?

You shouldn’t notice any difference in our service. You’ll still receive our utmost attention to detail and you’ll still be able to run your event with us when you want to.

We now close the business on Fridays at 12:30 (UK time) as this is often our quietest period for client requests. We continue to deliver and support events on Friday afternoons. We’ll use a flexible approach with our production & support teams to make sure they still benefit from the 4.5 working days whilst still delivering events as usual.

We’ve also put measures in place to make sure nothing falls between the cracks and events will continue to run smoothly. And fundamentally we believe this change will be a huge positive for our clients, as our team will be fresher and even more motivated than ever.

We’ll do our best to update you on how it’s working and our next steps. And we’d really love to hear from you on how working with us changes (or not) during this time to make sure we cover all angles and continue to provide outstanding customer service.