The Incisive Media Story

Incisive Media generate a new revenue stream with sponsored online events.

Here's The Background

Incisive Media are a global, business to business, publisher with well established brands.

Incisive Media run a range of live video webcasts and presentation-based webinars for their subscribers from their London, New York and Hong Kong offices and studios to truly global attendees.

"Sponsors find webinars very helpful as they can reach a large audience, they are able to track registrations and provide content for on-demand viewing. Before the webinar we run rehearsals and sound checks. streamGo provide good support during this stage checking that the stream is coming through to them and is being successfully viewed at the other end."
Kieran Shekoni
Webinar Coordinator - Incisive Media

How It All Works

Incisive Media utilise the power of the streamGo platform to run semi-managed and managed webinars and webcasts.

The semi-managed approach means that Incisive Media use the streamGo platform to create their own events and landing pages, but have the safety-blanket of our Event Producers for any questions and support.

Using their own studio and recording equipment, Incisive Media then use our platform to broadcast their webinars and webcasts.

A Steady Revenue Stream

Incisive Media now have an excellent revenue stream from the sponsorship of their online events, and are able to broadcast events as often as they like to as many attendees as they want.

The advanced reporting features available as part of the streamGo platform allow tracking and lead scoring of attendees, meaning Incisive can report on their online events’ successes and progressively improve.

Join Incisive Media And Run Better Online Events

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