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Attendee engagement is still one of the biggest challenges we hear about when it comes to online and hybrid events. That’s why we’re always creating tonnes of awesome engagement features.

In fact, we’re constantly launching all kinds of new features across our platform, and honestly? We don’t shout about it enough. So that’s changing from now. This update is all about some of the latest and greatest features you should know about to increase engagement at your events.

Searchable Event Content

What if we told you that you could use your event like a search engine and track exactly what your audience is searching for? Our brand new feature, discoverGo makes your on-demand event content searchable. Audiences can quickly and easily find the content they’re most interested in.

Viewers simply search for a keyword, phrase or tag to see relevant results, and click to play a video from that exact point.

Never has it been quicker or easier for your attendees to find the content they want!

But how can discoverGo help you as an Event Planner or Marketer? Keep on reading…

Find Engaged Attendees

You’ll have access to reports which detail who has been searching for what across the event.

Having all of this data at your finger tips is priceless! Use this insight to scope out who your most engaged audience members are and the areas they’re interested in.

Create Targeted Content

With this data you can really personalise your follow-up campaigns to squeeze more out of your attendees following an event.

Understanding what search topics are popular will also help you create more targeted content you know your audience are interested in.

Easily Create Your Own Content

Sifting through hours of event footage to pull out promo material is no joke.

Easily search the event yourself to find and create your own on-demand content, making it much easier and quicker to create your promo aspects like video teasers and quotes.

Improved Accessibility

With discoverGo captions are automated on all your videos with the option for attendees to toggle them on or off.

This makes your videos instantly more accessible for your audience without any work on your side.

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More Engagement Features

Breakout Rooms

Breakout Rooms are perfect for hosting small group sessions such as workshops or roundtables to focus on specific subjects.

Our breakout rooms are dynamic, which means attendees are able to hover over tables during the event to see who else is in the room and which tables are available before entering.

Polls and Surveys

Our polls and surveys are a great way to entice engagement during your event and let you see who’s really enjoying the content.

And as they present instant results, you can share feedback in real time with your audience to help create a buzz around the topic.

Live Chat & Rooms

Our live chat function provides a fun and natural way for your attendees to engage, with options to add emojis and GIFs to really spice up the chat!

Our chat can be applied globally throughout your event, but you can also have the option to add special chat ‘rooms’ if you’d like more topic focused, session related or smaller group chats.

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